100 Days of Cold Plunges

Today marks the 100th day of our cold plunge challenge and I just completed my 100th ice bath!

On November 30th, 2023, Aziz and I started a cold plunge challenge with the following rules: 

  • 2 minutes minimum in a cold plunge every day (50 degrees or colder)
  • Must post proof in our #motivation slack channel in the form of a photo or video that you completed your cold plunge each day
  • The last man standing wins (there is no end date—the challenge ends when one person fails to complete a cold plunge one day)
  • Whoever loses must pay the other $1,000

Here are some of my reflections from the past 100 days.

The most significant benefit for me has been a big improvement in my mental fortitude and discipline. 

Getting in the freezing water every day has been a daily reminder to myself that I am tough, that I can do hard things, and that I will not give up. This sounds like a simple and small thing, but it has had a significant impact on both my health and business. 

Every day while I sat in the freezing water, I thought about what else I could do to improve my health. Slowly, I started implementing more healthy habits into my routine. I also tightened up my organization and productivity for work. I still have a long way to go in order to reach my full potential, but I feel happy and confident that I am on my way there. 

My business partner, Aziz, on the other hand, is the poster child for cold plunges. He has reaped all the mental benefits of the cold as well as a bunch of significant physical benefits. Aziz has lost 40+ lbs in the past 100 days, his bloodwork is the best that it’s been in 10 years, and he has improved his kidney function drastically, which has been an area of concern for him.  

My main takeaways are that cold plunging can have both mental and physical benefits for people, but results will vary. Overall, there’s really nothing to lose by giving it a shot, and a lot to gain. 

So go jump in the cold!

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