36 - Getting My Pink Back

Today, I turn 36, and here are some reflections on the year behind and the year ahead….

35 was one of the craziest, most beautiful, chaotic, and challenging years of my life. I had my second baby right before turning 35, and this past year was spent mostly trying to survive the infamous “2 Under 2” stage of life. 

Maybe you’ve heard about how mother flamingos lose their pink when they have babies….essentially all of the nutrients are drained out of their bodies to nourish their baby, so they turn white (instead of their normal pink).

Mother Flamingos Lose their Pink

35 was definitely my “White Year”.....

  • Very little sleep
  • Trying to hold it all together, and failing a lot
  • A LOT of stress on my marriage
  • My body went through the wringer with back-to-back pregnancies and c-sections (I am still recovering and very slowly working my way back to fitness), and I looked and felt the ugliest I have in my whole life
  • Anxiety - I did not realize that I had anxiety until halfway through my pregnancy with Connor, my doctor prescribed me Zoloft for some bouts of rather extreme anxiety (I’m working on tapering off this now)
  • My house looks like a constant disaster
  • I was not an optimal business partner or leader
  • Constantly surprised and delighted by the love and beauty of my two children
  • Leaning in (manically and haphazardly) to my new hobby of gardening
  • Surviving

I think that 36 will be the year that I “get my pink back”....

  • I’m slowly building consistency in incorporating healthy habits, and I’m starting to get stronger and more fit
  • I hope that I can look and feel beautiful again before turning 37
  • I want to strengthen and improve my marriage
  • I’m making more friendships with other moms
  • I want to take my business to the next level, and therefore I need to get to the next level

I am grateful for surviving 35, but I am not sad to see it go. 

I am hopeful and looking forward to 36.

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