4 Game-Changing Productivity Tools

Since having my two kids, there are more demands on my time than ever before. So, I've learned to be much more disciplined and intentional about my time.

Here are 4 Productivity Tools that have helped me master my time.

1. The Power List - I learned about this from Andy Frisella; it has been a game-changer for me. The basic idea is to choose five critical tasks to complete each day to help move you forward with your business or personal goals. Andy has a great podcast episode that further explains this concept. It has helped me focus my efforts and not feel overwhelmed by the mountain of work I have on my desk most days.

2. Panda Planner - I have been using this planner for five years, and it is awesome! It perfectly aligns with the Power List because it has five spaces for your daily critical tasks. It also has space for daily gratitude, an overview of your schedule for the day, additional tasks and notes (besides your five critical tasks), a daily review, and more. Filling out a page in my planner each day really helps me stay organized, positive, and focused. I cannot recommend this thing enough.

3. Monday.com - this is one of the backbone tools of my life and business. I use this tool to track and collaborate on all of my tasks, and we use it for a ton of stuff for our business, including the following: Task Management, Property Lead Tracking, Closing Coordination, Rent Collection, & Social Media Planning.

4. Weekly Scorecard - I recently started implementing a weekly scorecard and habit tracker into my routine to help hold myself accountable and track how I complete my power list daily. This is a simple tool, but over time, it lets me see whether I am consistently completing the tasks that matter most to improving my business, health, and personal life. Additionally, when I am trying to form a new habit, I make sure to give myself a reward at the end of a week when I successfully complete a habit every day that week.

These things have help me thrive amidst the chaos, so I hope they help you too!

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