50 Days of Cold Plunges

On November 30th, 2023, Aziz and I started a cold plunge challenge. Every once in a while, we get these crazy ideas, and this might be the craziest one yet... 

The rules of the challenge are as follows: 

  • 2 minutes minimum in a cold plunge every day (50 degrees or colder)
  • Must post proof in our #motivation slack channel in the form of a photo or video that you completed your cold plunge each day
  • The last man standing wins (there is no end date—the challenge ends when one person fails to complete a cold plunge one day)
  • Whoever loses must pay the other $1,000

So far, we have completed 50 days straight of cold plunges, and there is still no end in sight. 

For the record, I HATE the cold, but the cold has taught me a few things these past 50 days:

1 - I thought I had lost some of the mental and physical discipline I had as a Marine, and I’ve been able to remind myself that I still have it in me. I am tough and determined, and I’m unstoppable when I decide to do something.

2 - I’ve evolved a little from just withstanding the cold for two minutes to now doing visualization exercises and meditations in the cold (sometimes for 5-6 minutes)

3 - Dedicating just 2 minutes per day to do something for my health has been the catalyst I needed to start getting my overall health back on track.

We’ve both noticed that doing the daily cold plunge has helped with overall energy, mood, mental focus, and discipline. Aziz has also lost a bunch of weight (I have not). 

This cold plunge challenge also represents some of the reasons why Aziz and I have been successful business partners for the past 6+ years.

  • We challenge and push each other to be better 
  • We both are extremely competitive and determined (when we want to be), which has served us well in business
  • We both care about the other’s overall well-being
  • We are both in this for the long haul

Would you ever do a cold plunge challenge? 

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