Duratus Weekly Operations Outlook 11/13/2023

Happy Monday Duratus Team!

Here is your video overview for the week. 

Q4 seriously flies by–we only have 4 more weeks until the Christmas break season is here, so this is our last big push to close the year. 


  • Julie sent out the Monthly Financial Report, which is AWESOME! 
  • Although the numbers for October are not great, the report itself is excellent. 
  • Make sure to check it out and give it a like and comment.
  • Thalia did a fantastic job editing the video! 
  • We conducted a sales meeting about 505 Dyson St and settled on a sales number for the house–$925,000. 
  • We also conducted a staging walkthrough at 505 Dyson and received a quote to stage the house. 
  • We have a couple of RTO leads for 1942 Glenwood, so hopefully one of those turns into a sale this week.


  • Aziz will be out of the office this week through Wednesday (Happy 21st Birthday Saliba!)
  • My Nanny has today off, so I will only be able to work during nap times today.
  • We are doing a Duratus Christmas Card this year, so we need all team members to take a photo wearing a Christmas Sweater by November 21st (next Tuesday) and send it to Thalia so that we can edit all of them together into a funny Christmas Card. 
  •  We are planning on doing our 2025 Kickoff Summit in Alabama next year, so if everyone could start the visa application process, that would be great. We would love to have everyone be able to attend this event in person. 


  • 505 Dyson Street is our main focus of effort this week. We need to do the following: 1-Complete the final inspection, 2-Review the staging quote and schedule the staging, 3-Finish the project cost spreadsheet, 4-Schedule final cleaning and photos
  • 371 Ridgewood Dr is on the market. We had two open houses over the weekend and several showings on Friday. Overall, the feedback about the house is positive, but we have not received any offers. 


  • Our newsletter had a 40% open rate on Friday, which is excellent and high for industry standards.
  • I am currently working on the following for our marketing and digital course this week: 1-I am doing our December content shoot this Wednesday, which should provide us with content for both December and January, 2-Starting my certification to be an online real estate instructor, 3-Prepare and record a podcast episode,4-Writing and recording another blog post and video


  • If you are looking for a good Ugly Christmas Sweater, it’s hard to beat Tipsy Elves. I ordered some for the whole family this year.

Hope this update is helpful! 

Thank you for all of your continued hard work! Let’s close out the year strong :)

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