Duratus Weekly Operations Outlook 11/27/2023

Happy Monday Duratus Team!

I hope that you all had a fantastic weekend full of food, family, and fun! 

This week is a BIG week for us as we prepare to list 505 Dyson Street on the Market!


  • A lot of great progress happened with our Childerburg portfolio last week:
  • 195 Parkdale leased and deposit paid
  • 296 Minor Terrace turnover completed by Blake and Brady
  • 52 Earl Street steps repaired by Blake and Brady
  • New content submitted to SlightWrks
  • Podcast trailer has been completed and uploaded


  • I am ordering our company Christmas Cards today, so if you want me to send one to you or any of your family and friends, make sure to add any contact details to our distribution list today
  • We are starting the Cold Plunge challenge this week on Thursday…we will talk about this in our Wednesday team meeting. This is a totally optional challenge.


  • 505 Dyson Street Final Timeline: 
  • Monday, November 27th - Final walkthrough with Scott (Maura & Scott)
  • Wednesday, November 29th - Staging Installation
  • Thursday, November 30th - Photos & Matteport Scan
  • Thursday, December 7th - Listing goes live (possibly earlier, depending on photos)
  • TBD - Brokers Open
  • TBD - Open House
  • Saturday, January 6th - Local Health Expo at 505 Dyson 
  • 371 Ridgewood Dr is still on the market…..I’m considering if we can do anything outside the box to market this house…I think we should install Christmas lights and host a Christmas event at the house. We will discuss this week. 
  • 3848 Isabel Way West - 1 Week to completion
  • 4626 Gold Drive - 6 weeks to completion


  • Our newsletter had a 36% open rate on Friday, which is excellent and high for industry standards…..a little lower than our usual 40%, but I think that is because most people were off work on Friday. 
  • I am currently working on the following for our marketing and digital course this week: 
  • Creating 2 more blogs and newsletters
  • Finishing instructor certification for digital course


  • If you are Catholic and have a sense of humor, you NEED to follow the Greedy Peasant on TikTok. He is probably my favorite creator at the moment. He is so freakin funny! If I am having a bad day, I just watch a couple of his videos and instantly feel better! You’re welcome. 

Hope this update is helpful! 

Thank you for all of your continued hard work! 

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