Duratus Weekly Operations Outlook 12/11/2023

Happy Monday Duratus Team!

Christmas is TWO WEEKS AWAY!!! 

Here is a link for the video update. 

This week is a BIG week for us as we prepare to list 505 Dyson Street on the Market!


  • Open Houses for 505 Dyson St completed - it was a success and we had a lot of people come through the house and give a lot of very positive feedback. It was great. 
  • Accountant Letters Drafted - Aziz will review them
  • Monthly Financial Report sent out - Great job Julie!


  • Cold Plunge Challenge - Aziz & Maura are on DAY 12 of the Cold Plunge Challenge
  • So far, I think the biggest thing we have both noticed is an increase in mental focus and toughness
  • Make sure Julie knows all of your Holiday Plans so that we can plan accordingly 


  • 505 Dyson Street - on the market
  • 371 Ridgewood Dr - Brokers Open Thursday
  • Create a funny Christmas marketing video about 371 Ridgewood - done
  • Create 2 videos with Lender & Insurance Partners - Stephany working
  • Decorate 371 Ridgewood with Christmas Decor - done
  • Conduct a Brokers Open - scheduled
  • Conduct Google Ad Campaign - SlightWrks working
  • Feature of the Week Video - Stephany working
  • 3848 Isabel Way West - 3 days to completion
  • Final photos December 14th
  • 4626 Gold Drive - 6 weeks to completion
  • Scott is finishing up the trash cleanup
  • Will take new RTO Marketing Photos this week


  • Company Christmas Cards will be sent out TODAY
  • I am currently working on the following for our marketing and digital course this week: 
  • Creating another blog post and newsletter
  • Finishing instructor certification for digital course
  • Creating a few more short videos for upcoming content


Hope this update is helpful! 

Thank you for all of your continued hard work! 

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