Duratus Weekly Operations Outlook 2/19/2024

Happy Monday Duratus Team!

Today is Presidents Day here in the US. Today we celebrate the men who have led our country through the years, so I want to share with you part of my favorite presidential speech of all time–Teddy Roosevelt’s “Man in the Arena.”  


  • Podcast Episodes 5 & 6 released
  • All Employee Reviews were completed


  • Happy Birthday Lisa!!
  • Cold Plunge Challenge - Aziz & Maura are on DAY 82
  • Mentorship Wednesdays starting this Wednesday - I will be teaching a little class about writing that anyone can attend


2 Under Contract; 1 On the Market



  • 100% occupancy and leases completed


  • Still looking for the following…
  • 2/2 or 3/2 in Bessemer ($100K or less)
  • 4/2 or larger in Bessemer with a large lot that can accommodate five cars ($130K or less)
  • Rental property in either Talladega, St. Clair, or Shelby County (3/1, 1,000+ SF)


  • Coming Up This Week:
    -Episode 7
    (Tuesday) - Real Estate by the Numbers book review
    -Episode 8
    (Thursday) - How to Sell Off Market
  • Podcast Numbers: 193 downloads
  • Blog Post: How to Prepare for a 2026 Recession
  • Moved our meeting with Slightworks this Wednesday at 1:30 pm to review our overall marketing strategy.
  • Digital Course Certification - interviewing 5 consultants on Wednesday to help us finish this process


  • I HIGHLY recommend this podcast episode by Nick Bare. It’s a refreshing and honest perspective by an entrepreneur who is 12 years into running a business. I learned a lot from it and was motivated and inspired. There is power in sharing our mistakes and vulnerabilities.  

Hope that helps!

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