Duratus Weekly Operations Outlook 2/5/2024

Happy Monday Duratus Team!

Happy Constitution Day to all of our Mexican team members!

February 5th celebrates the anniversary of Mexico’s current constitution, established on February 5th 1917. Have a great day off with your families and friends!


- Podcast LAUNCHED!

- 1327 4th Ct - CLOSED

- 1942 Glenwood Rd - CLOSED

- All new leases and lease renewals completed


- Complete the Podcast Feedback Form if you have not already done so

- Bi-annual Employee Reviews will take place tomorrow

- Cold Plunge Challenge - Aziz & Maura are on DAY 68!

- Your Health is important


2 Under Contract; 1 On the Market


- 3848 Isabel Way West  - Under Contract (closing by 3/15/2024)

- 371 Ridgewood Dr - Under Contract (closing by 3/15/2024)

- 505 Dyson Street - on the market

- 4626 Gold Drive - Starting Construction


- 100% occupancy and leases completed


Looking for the following:

- 2/2 or 3/2 in Bessemer ($100K or less)

- 4/2 or larger in Bessemer with a large lot that can accommodate 5 cars ($130K or less)

- Rental property in either Talladega, St. Clair, or Shelby County (3/1, 1,000+ SF)


Mastering Real Estate Podcast

Podcast Numbers: 88 downloads

Published Last Week:

- Episode 1 (Tuesday) - Rich Dad Poor Dad book review

- Episode 2 (Thursday) - The Importance of Market Research: Lessons Learned from Project #1 at 1321 12th St

Coming Up This Week:

- Episode 4 (Tuesday) - Cashflow Quadrant book review

- Episode 5 (Thursday) - Beware of Hard Money Lenders: Lessons Learned from Project #2 at 1120 Sardis Rd

- Told Slightworks to go ahead with SEO optimization of the Duratus Academy website

- Working on preparing the digital course for ARELLO and NAR certificationWant to work with an expert/consultant to get this done


- Andrew Huberman’s Video Clip about the Anterior Mid-Cingulate Cortex

- The Tenacious Brain: How the Anterior Mid-Cingulate Contributes to Achieving Goals

"When faced with a difficult challenge, such as mastering complex equations or training for a marathon, many individuals will find the effort too costly, and withdraw. Others, however, will marshal their resources, and persist in their efforts against the same challenges, even in the absence of immediate reward. This individual difference has received a great deal of attention in recent years, as growing research indicates that individuals who persevere in the face of challenging situations show better life outcomes in the domains of health, academic achievement, and career success”

Hope this update is helpful!

Thank you for all of your continued hard work!

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