Duratus Weekly Operations Outlook 2/12/2024

Happy Monday Duratus Team!

Last week was a little bit of a slower week for us between the holiday and a few unexpected days off work for me etc. However we still got some good things accomplished, and we have another solid week ahead. 

Also, don’t forget that Wednesday is Valentines Day, so make sure to do something nice for your partner, kids, etc. I will have a few ideas for you at the end ;) 


  • Podcast Episodes 3 & 4 released
  • All but 1 Employee Review were completed (the last one is taking place today)
  • Documents retrieved from Mr. McNeil’s office


  • Complete the Podcast Feedback Form if you have not already done so
  • Seriously, ANY feedback about how we can improve REALLY helps
  • Also, if you can help us share the show, that would be amazing
  • Cold Plunge Challenge - Aziz & Maura are on DAY 75!
  • Mentorship Wednesdays starting this Wednesday - I will be teaching a little class about writing that anyone can attend


2 Under Contract; 1 On the Market



  • 100% occupancy and leases completed


  • Still looking for the following: 
  • 2/2 or 3/2 in Bessemer ($100K or less)
  • 4/2 or larger in Bessemer with a large lot that can accommodate five cars ($130K or less)
  • Rental property in either Talladega, St. Clair, or Shelby County (3/1, 1,000+ SF)


Mastering Real Estate Podcast:

         Published Last Week: 

         Coming Up This Week: 

  • Episode 5 (Tuesday) - Recession-proof Real Estate Investing book review
  • Episode 6 (Thursday) - Multiple Exit Strategies
  • Podcast Numbers: 121 downloads
  • We are meeting with Slightworks this Wednesday at 1:00 pm to review our overall marketing strategy.
  • Digital Course Certification - still working on selecting a consultant to help us finish this process


Here are my recommendations for Valentine's Gifts if you need some help: 

  • Men are so hard to buy for, so I got this Bullet Bouquet for Jim this year. I thought it was kind of cool and unique, so hopefully he likes it.
  • For my kids, I got them these heart boxes of Sees Candy, which is a long-time family tradition (my dad used to always get these for us on Valentine's Day when we were little, and we loved them)
  • And for women, you really can’t go wrong with good chocolate and flowers. Lately, I’ve been loving this company called Olive & Cocoa because they have unique flower arrangements that last a long time and cool gift baskets. 

Hope that helps!

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