Duratus Weekly Operations Outlook 3/11/2024

Happy Monday Duratus Team!

I have both some sad and happy news to share today. 

First, as you know, today Brandon, Aziz, and I will be supporting Scott by attending the funeral for his wife, Shelby Diane Smith. Here is her obituary, and if you have a moment, stop and say a prayer for her, Scott, and their family today.   

Second, today is DURATUS’ 6TH BIRTHDAY! 

I officially started Duratus Properties on March 11th, 2018, so our company is 6 years old today. Hooray!



  • Cold Plunge Challenge - Aziz & Maura are on DAY 103
  • Do Something Challenge is still going……although not a ton of posts….
  • Mentorship Wednesdays continuing this Wednesday with a class on Social Media
  • 2024 Career Development Courses - if you do not submit your course to Julie by Wednesday, we will not be able to budget for it this year 


2 Under Contract; 1 On the Market



  • Mold Issue at 65 Minor Terracesome text
    • Need to give tenant a deadline to vacate the house for construction
    • Reminder to conduct all correspondence in writing or follow up any calls with recap text messages or emails so that we can document everything


  • Working with Kenneth & Fuad to get 2-4 more RTO deals by the end of the month


  • Finalizing 2024 Budget documents
  • Working on 2023 taxes with BMSS
  • Finance Team needs to order and read Profit First for Real Estate Investingsome text
    • Implementation Meeting on Wednesday, March 27th


Hope that helps!

Happy Birthday!

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