Duratus Weekly Operations Outlook 3/18/2024

Happy Monday Duratus Team!

Today is Benito Juarez’s Birthday, which is a national holiday in Mexico. Benito Juarez ended the dictatorship of political leader Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna in 1854, thus convening a new Constitutional Congress. In 1857 Juárez was elected president of the Supreme Court of Justice and soon after he became president. From then until his death in 1872, he led the government during historically significant events including the Reform War, the French Intervention, the Second Empire, and the republic’s restoration.

So, happy Benito Juarez day to our Mexican teammates! Have a great day off!



  • Cold Plunge Challenge - Aziz & Maura are on DAY 110
  • Mentorship Wednesdays will change to every other week. We will take this week off and resume next week. some text
    • Be on the lookout for your Panda Planner, which should arrive this week. This is for each of you in preparation for my class on Time Management. 
  • 2024 Career Development Courses - Julie will meet with each person and finalize courses for the year this week to meet your goals and our budget constraints


1 Under Contract; 1 On the Market; 1 Under Construction



  • 65 Minor Terracesome text
    • LOR Received
    • Mold Testing Conducted
    • Timeline and documentation updated


  • Need to coordinate the deposit and closing for Kenneth this week




I just came across this awesome YouTube video about Fairhope, Alabama. It’s worth the watch and will give you a good insight into this place ;) 

Hope this helps! Keep up the good work!

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