Weekly Operations Outlook 11/6/2023

Happy Monday Duratus Team!

If you are more of a visual/auditory learner, here is a video recap

Somehow, it is already November! The Christmas season and the final business push of the year are upon us. 


  • Julie kept the whole operation going, as usual
  • Lisa reduced our rental delinquency by over $3,000!
  • Valerie made great progress on updating our project cost spreadsheets
  • Lilly and Z made solid progress on the RTO sales plan, created a sales strategy for 1942 Glenwood, and added many contacts to the RTO database
  • Thalia edited a new YouTube video for our channel and created these trailer, intro, and outro options for the podcast that's launching in January - feel free to give us any feedback


  • It’s Property Tax Season (yay) - we need to pay all of our property taxes before December 31st
  • 2023 Final Tax Preparations - as we approach the end of the year, we have a final chance to make any financial adjustments for tax purposes before December 31st. We must ask the accounting team if we should do 1031 Exchanges on any of our upcoming sales to defer taxes. 
  • Don’t forget to submit all your upcoming vacations and holiday plans to Julie so that we can start planning ahead


  • 371 Ridgewood Dr is on the market, and we will probably do a price reduction this week to help sell it
  • We are in our last 7-10 days of punch list work for 505 Dyson St (praise God)
  • Martin will start turnover at 195 Parkdale this week (managed by Brandon)
  • The final phase of construction for 3483 Isabel Way W has been stalled while we finish 505 Dyson St


  • Our newsletter had a 38% open rate on Friday, which is great and very high for industry standards.
  • Our increase in digital marketing is definitely generating more engagement and interest across the board; now I just have to figure out a solid strategy to convert more interest into digital course sales–I will be putting together a plan this week about this
  • I am having a meeting with the SlightWrks team about this today at 1:00 p.m. - feel free to join if you want


  • Duratus Christmas Card - I think we should do a Duratus Christmas Card this year as part of our marketing efforts. We could all take photos wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and then we can edit them together into a funny Christmas card to send out to all of our business partners and families. 
  • 505 Dyson St Marketing Opportunity - a unique marketing opportunity has come up for 505 Dyson for us to consider. A chiropractor whom I work with wants to host a local health expo the first week of January with several local health-related small businesses and we could allow them to host the event at 505 Dyson St. This could be a cool and unique way to bring attention to the house and business and help market it. 


Hope this update is helpful! 

Thank you for all of your continued hard work!

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